Jim Bell Project Purpose

It's really quite simple. Wars are bad, they kill and maim people, waste limited resources, destroy property, and waste huge amounts of money. So, let's stop having them. Militaries, even when they aren't engaging in war, still cost a great deal of money, and are often used to threaten its nation's own citizens. Most of the time, they are unnecessary. So why do we need militaries? We don't. Let's get rid of them.

Why do we have taxes? Taxation is theft by another name. Taxation reduces what we have to support ourselves, and worse is used to hire government employees, who are inefficient under the best of circumstances and are evil and malicious all too often. Taxation is used to obtain money for a government which is used to buy votes and political influence. That's contrary to why the government is supposed to exist in the first place.

The government operates by threatening people with imprisonment or death if they do not comply. Let's end those threats, forever.

Stated in this way, all this seems so obvious! But I hear you say, “Easier said than done”. With good reason, too. So why hasn't this been done? There are many ideas which could improve society, except that to make them work requires everybody, or at least most people, to cooperate. And frequently, not everyone, and in many cases, not most people, have an interest in agreeing, or carrying out some centralized plan. That's often because many such plans are intended to victimize the minority, say 49%, and rob it of its resources, and pay some of them to the remaining 51%. Naturally, the people in government take a generous cut of the whole thing.

What is needed is a plan to take these governments down, to put the power back into the hands of the population, where it belongs. And to do so in a way which will avoid the terribly negative consequences that most things called “revolutions” usually seem to run into.

I'm Jim Bell, and 22 years ago, I had a truly astounding idea. I started out just trying to figure out how to take a free-spending politician out of power, and when that solution seemed possible, it became obvious that it would work for all politicians, and governments, everywhere. This idea became the seed for my essay, “Assassination Politics”. But don't let that title scare you. This idea started out looking terribly radical, but after months and even years of thought, I find that many people conclude it's just what is needed to fix our broken world.

But what is needed now is the impetus to get people to take notice. That takes time and convincing, and that amounts to something called “advertising”. And yes, that takes money, a lot of money. But I have figured out how to raise that money: From donations by people who quickly make back what they donated, but very likely 1000x greater.

For example, if you own Bitcoins, and you give me 1/1000th of the Bitcoins you have, you still have 0.999 Bitcoins left. Now, suppose I report that everyone who owns Bitcoins has given me one-thousandth of what they own. Well, one 1000th of about 16.6 million Bitcoins is 16,600. At the current value, that's about $75 million, or 63.5 million Euros. That would fund an enormous advertising campaign, and this would instantly surprise the world, and especially the Bitcoin world. Bitcoin prices might skyrocket like they did in October-December 2013. Your remaining 0.999 Bitcoin could be worth twice, three times, or even more than what it did a week before. So, your gift becomes not merely free, but actually pays back 1000x, or more.