Press Release - Hackers Congress Paralel Polis Oct 7, 2017


Jim Bell, the top-billed speaker at the Paralelni Polis political convention in Prague, Czech Republic,, lifetime libertarian and author of the 1995-96-written “Assassination Politics” (AP) essay,, announced the formation of the “Jim Bell Project”. For the Wikipedia article on Jim Bell, see

The Jim Bell project is intended to prepare the world public to adopt a new system to completely eliminate all wars, all militaries, all taxes, and all government-sponsored violence. Such violence has included hundreds of large and small wars in the last century. There are estimates that during the 20th century, over 260 million people died due to government induced violence.

Ever since nuclear weapons were invented, and first used in 1945, nobody had ever figured out how to eliminate them from the face of the Earth. The best that was concocted was the “Mutual Assured Destruction”, or MAD, a virtual guarantee that once used again, tens or even hundreds of millions more people will die. This was seen as deterring any subsequent use. While it has worked so far, the emergence of North Korea as a nuclear power destroys the confidence of many people that the use of such bombs remains unthinkable.

But in 1995, Bell discovered that all possessors of nuclear weapons, including large and small nations, could not only be deterred from using them in war, but they could also be forced to completely dismantle them, in peacetime: Any nations who failed to prove they had destroyed each of their nuclear weapons would be targeted by an online computerized system to punish, with certain death, any leadership who failed to do that. This, a 'miracle' result, is what billions of people would want to see.

Jim Bell describes his AP essay as a roadmap to replacing all current governance with non-government management. “They might still call it 'government', but it will be vastly smaller, and completely based on voluntary association and libertarian principles. One of those principles is called the “Non-Aggression Principle” (NAP), also called the “Non-Initiation of Force Principle”, NIOFP. This has been humorously described as “The rights of your fist end at my nose”. NAP is not a pacifist promise: People's rights to defend themselves from attack are completely protected, and people so attacked are free to use whatever level of force they feel is needed.

Jim Bell explained, “The examples of nations such as North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, and Zimbabwe prove that some nations of are simply rogue, and they continue to act with unforgivable violence against their own people. The leaders of these nations must be stopped immediately, by any means necessary, before they kill more. But this is only the beginning because most other nations are also grossly abusive of people's rights.”

Bell describes his intentions for the Jim Bell Project, to employ volunteer and hired assistants to study and debate the AP system, publicize the results extensively, and subsequently design a system to implement. This will include a kind of formalized debate that hasn't occurred since 1995. The closest such analysis was done by Indian scholar R. Sukumaran, in his 2004 essay Cryptology, Digital Assassination and the Terrorism FuturesMarkets,

Said Bell, “Sukumaran's analysis was especially competent, and it truly astounds me that 22 years after I wrote the AP essay, only he and one other person, Robert Vroman, has ever publicized a credible job looking into this matter. Given the extreme continuing seriousness of the attacks on people and their rights, you would think that long ago, people would have analyzed the promises and prospects for a functioning AP system and its effects on society. It should be seen to be wildly irresponsible for any government to fail to do this analysis, but governments have a conflict of interest here: Ultimately, it is they who will be eliminated in order to protect the public.”

Vroman's analysis is at Vroman describes the AP system: “In conclusion, AP is pragmatically sound, ethically justified, and strategically prudent. The only question is when. Watch out State, you’re on a collision course with an extinction level event. I have foreseen it.”

Jim Bell continued, “it is especially amazing that people who would be opposition to my AP system have done a virtually non-existent job trying to disprove how AP might work. In fact, for 22 years people could easily make a name for themselves if they publicized a way to disprove the AP concept, or to make it not work, or to fix the problems with society in a way other than employing AP. Or, if they genuinely believe my AP idea was flawed, they could fix it to ensure that it would work. Why haven't they attempted any one of these things yet?”

Bell added, “But, can they explain how to make nuclear weapons disappear? Can they show how to eliminate the possibility of war, forever? Can they invent a method to make the formation of militaries impossible? Can they stop governments from taxing the public? Anyone who claims to oppose the operation of my AP system is ethically required to show that they have a better alternative ready to be implemented. They cannot logically reject my idea, without having something else better to replace it.”


Bell explained that he intends to finance his efforts, this research and development of the AP idea, by soliciting the assistance of the Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Ethereum communities. He requests the donation of 1/1000th of a person's such coins, or cash donations as well. For example, if a person owns 10 bitcoins, Bell suggests the donation of 10/1000, or 0.01 bitcoins, to his Bitcoin tipjar. He publishes the addresses to which these donations should be sent:

Bitcoin: (BTC) 1ChX4ztgpmpHDVxXnPBEFGCDzz3KpRcUgz
Litecoin: (LTC) LdjtkQDUyn76ghJanMaw12nrsHF5ER2K4x
Etherium: (ETH) 0x502a1fD3568CA72550135e8E7b4c15e6323919a0

For cash donations denominated in U.S. Dollars, Bell provides the following bank account address:

Wells Fargo 512000394 6168782032

Bell explains that his announcement is likely to dramatically raise the value of these crypto-coins, similar to what happened to Bitcoin during the period of October 2013-December 2013: On the strength of an anonymous claim by “Sanjuro” that he was implementing his “Assassination Market” system, the value of Bitcoin rose from about $200 to about $1100 in a few weeks.

Bell states, “Unlike 'Sanjuro', I'm a known-real person, everyone knows what I wrote in 1995-96, I'm sticking around, and I will persistently work with others to prepare the AP system for eventual adoption. There will be many opportunities for publicity, and this could easily lead to extensive and repeated increases in value for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum far greater than 500%, especially over a period in excess of one year. Suppose a person has 1 Bitcoin today. If he gives 0.001 bitcoin to me, worth about $4.50, he still has 0.999 BTC. If the value of Bitcoin increases to 3x its current value, he has seen his asset increase from $4500 to about $13,500, or an increase of $9,000. I don't think that a person who is making $9,000 will resent me asking for a gift of $4.50.”

Bell continued, “The price of the Bitcoin will go up even more. It is very much in the interest of all current Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum owners to help me publicize my AP idea. It is very likely that these gifts will pay back the donors by a factor of at least 1000, and do so quite quickly. It's the best deal anyone will ever give them. I'm only asking for a gift, far lower in size.”